100% natural and carefully curated blends are designed to support you throughout your daily rituals. They'll remind you to slow down and take small moments during the day to relax, renew and recharge.

Elegant and practical rollers are easy to carry with you wherever you go. Whether you’re on your way from work to yoga or traveling the world, it only takes a few seconds to apply the oil to your wrists and back of ears and enjoy the benefits of essential oils.


Using JOY is the best way to start my morning. It wakes me up and sets an energetic and positive vibe to the day!
Just after a few day's use, I am totally addicted to SAFE.
I love using ZEN before meditation and yoga to clear my mind and focus.
It might sound a bit strange, but GODDESS really makes me feel unstoppable!
I carry Zen always in my purse 💙 I add it often f. ex. before long drive, put my favourte music on, and breathing feels so much easier.

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How to use it?


Apply it to your both wrists and rub them together.

Bring your wrists in front of your nose and inhale.
You can also add the oil behind your ears and neck.
Sense, breathe and unwind.

Certified safety

Our Essential Oil Roller Blends are made from premium botanicals and don’t contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients. To ensure safety, all of our products have been tested and evaluated by professional safety evaluator according to European union laws.

The products are manufactured in clean room environment, according to Good Manufacturing Practices guideline. The process also includes high-tech sterilization methods, like plasma sterilization to ensure the ultimate cleanliness of all the product contact materials.

We <3 our planet

We are committed to thinking about the environment as much as possible. Our products are 100% natural and our product packaging is both reusable and recyclable.

We are really happy to provide eco-friendly solutions while thriving to find even more ways to protect our planet from waste.

Made in Finland w/ love

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for this small Nordic country. Finnish people have long traditions of using Nature's various plants to enhance wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Please note that our products are not intended to replace qualified medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. These products are not designed to cure any disease or medical condition.